Administration in Neemuch

Neemuch District came into existence in 1998, when it was carved out from Mandsaur District. The purpose of this division was to achieve efficient civic administration and thereby alleviate the existing economic and social condition in the region. Neemuch was also obviously allotted all the important and necessary administrative bodies when it was carved into separate district. Today these administrative bodies obviously look into day to day civic administration of the district. Here is a brief summary about all the governing administrative bodies of Neemuch district in Madhya Pradesh.

Civic Administration in Neemuch

Administration in NeemuchThe civic administartion in Neemuch is looked after by District Collector who looks after the economic and social development of the region. Constitutionally, his main responsibility is revenue & tax collections from the entire district. Besides of course, he is also entrusted with number of other responsibilities too. He looks after law and order in the entire district and also ensures proper implementation of welfare schemes. Further he supervises elections conducted in the region and coordinating between various local self government institutions like Gram Panchayat/Nagar Parishad. For successfully achieving all these responsibilities he is assisted by many able officers.

Collector & District Magistrate, Neemuch
Phone: 07423-223063
Email : dmneemuch[at]nic[dot]in

Neemuch Nagar Palika Parishad

As per current administrative division of Neemuch District, there are 13 Nagar Palika Parishads (Municipal Councils) in the entire district. But the most important one is Neemuch Municipal Council, since Neemuch city is administrative headquarter of the district. It is obviously entrusted to look into day-to-day civic administration of Neemuch city. And its responsibilities are no different from Municipal Councils located in the rest of the country, i.e. supplying drinking water, looking after sanitation and drainage, road maintenance, slum improvement etc.Elections for Neemuch Municipal Council are held after every 5 years for position of chairman and 40 municipal council wards. The position of chairman though is largely ceremonial. All the executive power of Municipal Council lies with Chief Municipal Officer, who is elected by State Government.

Police Administration in Neemuch

Police administration in NeemuchImportance of efficient law and order in civic administration of any region is but obvious. That’s why today Neemuch has as many as police stations in different towns of the district. However, big district like Neemuch definitely needs more police stations for ensuring even better law and order in entire district. Anyways, Neemuch region as a whole has been a violent free region for most period of time. Here no major communal and caste violence has ever taken place, which definitely speaks about efficiency of Neemuch Police.

Superintendent of Police, Neemuch
[email protected]

Neemuch Cant

Public Representatives in Neemuch

Neemuch has 3 assembly constituencies and one parliamentary constituency, which it shares with neighboring Mandsaur District. These MPs and MLAs are constitutionally entrusted with responsibility of raising economic and social issues of their regions in Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha. Besides, all Mps and MLA’s including from Neemuch District are allotted development funds, which they mandatorily have to spend on economic and social development of their region. Below we’ve provided names of current MPs and MLA’s from Neemuch District.

MLA’s from Neemuch
Neemuch city constituency: Sh. Dilip Singh Parihar
Manasa constituency: Kailash Chawla
Jawad constituency: Om Prakash Sakhlecha

Member of Parliament (MP) from Neemuch
Neemuch constituency: Sudhir Gupta

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